Agency Ad Account
for Boundless Advertising

Thanks to the agency ad account, you can run ads without restrictions or spending limits.

agency ad account

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!! More sales, less bans, unlimited spending, and Unrestricted Scalability Unlocked

Have you ever wondered? why do major e-commerce merchants keep advertising non-stop while you’re facing frequent closures?

The answer is :

Ads With No Bans

The possibility of random shutdowns or bans is almost nonexistent.

Ad Account No Limit

Unlimited ad accounts at the best price and highest quality.

No Limit Spend

Do you want to spend $10,000 a day? First day? You can spend an unlimited budget with our verified ad accounts.


The cost of KPIs is cheaper which leads to better and cheaper results.

Business Whitelisting​

By using an agency ad account, advertising platforms will trust your business. You can advertise even for highly restricted niches.

How To Get Your Agency Ad Account?

Access To Your Agency Ad Account in 3 Easy Steps Fast & Start Running Ads

Step 1

Send us your Website Link, Your page & and your Business Manager ID.

Step 2

We will share it with your Business Manager.

Step 3


Nexas Solution

Certified Partner With All Advertising Plateformes

Facebook Agency Ad Account

With a Facebook agency ad account, you can run ads on all Meta platforms without any limitations. Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to see the agency ad account's strength.

Google Ads Agency Ad Account

Boost your visibility on Google’s search results by using a limit-free Google Ads agency account.

TikTok Agency Ad Account

Advertise onTikTok using an agency-level ad account to get cost-effective KPIs. Share your video ads on TikTok at any budget you want to spend.

Snapchat Agency Ad Account

Start using Snapchat Ads to reach billions of users with a non-stoppable ad account.

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Nexas Solution

Let us show you the power of AGENCY AD ACCOUNTS

Agency Ad Account
Making media buying waaay convenient!!

Agency Ad Accounts That's Built
For Your Success in Digital Marketing

Certified Partner

Our digital marketing agency is a certified partner with all social media and advertising platforms. Our partners are Facebook, TikTok, Google, and Snapchat.

We're fast, Accurate & Reliable

With our efficient processes, we deliver our services promptly to all digital marketers. We offer cost-effective agency ad accounts without compromising the quality.

Premium Support

We offer premium support to ensure you receive top-notch assistance anytime. Our support team is always available for any concerns you may have.

Whitelisted Ad Accounts

agency ad accounts have a higher level of trust as they are created by the platform itself. You can advertise using even within strict niches.

Ad Scaling with Tranquility

After using agency ad accounts for advertising, you’ll notice that your business is growing smoothly. There are no restrictions or spending limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an agency ad account? ​

The agency ad account is an advertising account offered by advertising platforms like Facebook ads, Google, TikTok, and others. They always give it to advertisers who can spend huge budgets on their platforms. Also, it has a rare suspending cases and has no spending limits.

What type of advertisers should use an agency ad account? ​

The agency ad account is good for all businesses, marketers, freelancers, media buyers, and SMMAs. It is also good for anyone who wants to speed up the growth of his online business by avoiding restrictions and by increasing daily spending.

What type of ads can I run using an agency ad account? ​

By using the agency ad account, your business enters the whitelist. This means that social media platforms will trust your business. So that you can advertise for a wide variety of ads even for restricted ones, such as selling cosmetics or health products.

What is the agency ad account’s ban rate? ​

99% of advertisers have admitted that they’ve been using their agency ad account for more than 6 months without getting restricted from advertising.