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An agency specialized in e-marketing. We offer a range of high quality services. Our strength lies in the presence of a special team in the African market, and another team in the Gulf and Moroccan markets.

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Create advertising videos

As a creative agency specializing in e-commerce, we work with an equation in advertising videos. This makes your products profitable. Also we enable you to achieve good results.

Advertising campaign management

We help people and companies working in the field of e-commerce achieve high results by creating accurate advertising campaigns. We are using artificial intelligence in order to develop their projects.

Create landing pages

We create professional landing pages that increase the conversion rate of your customers. We are carefully studying the product and designing appropriate and compelling content.

Provide verified ad accounts

We offer a service of providing high-quality and documented ad accounts. These ad accounts help you to to get rid of the problems of bans and random closures every time. This will ensure the continuity of your ads and protect your data from loss.

Let us build the bridge between your Ecommerce brand and customer

Our aim is to help you succeed and increase your sales through advanced market and product research strategies and the creation of advertising campaigns in a special format.
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Nexas solution

Who Are We?

Nexas Solution is a Full-service ecommerce Agency Founded BY Jihane Digital.

A company specializes in creating advertising videos, professional landing pages, and successful advertising campaigns like facebook ads. as well as providing advertising accounts to get rid of random ban problems to double your sales. 

We spent millions of dollars on advertising campaigns, overcame many difficulties, and achieved great results.

Our goal is to help you expand your business and succeed in achieving more sales.

Jihane Digitale founder of Nexas Solution
Years of Experience

Agency Ad Account

More sales, fewer bans and unlimited spending
Best price and quality.

agency ad account

Managing Advertising Campaigns

Some results of our advertising campaigns.

Professional advertising videos

“We specialize in creating profitable advertising videos for your products.”

Landing Pages

Double your customers’ conversion rates.

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